I spent all of yesterday in scrubs at one of my hospitals. Being in theatre really hammers home the things I feel grateful for – a happy healthy body, family and friends to be with. It is a humbling experience, starting from patients who cope with their pain and illness with grace and often a bit of humour. Doctors, nurses and technicians who are incredibly smart, caring, competent and look after their patients with sensitivity and consideration. It is a privilege that I get to work within this environment.

Today, I am out and about meeting clients. I am quite enjoying this flush of morning cold that we are getting in Melbourne at the moment. Ask me again in the depths of winter. I really scavenged around the wardrobe for today’s outfit. Interestingly, 50% of this outfit was sourced from my thrift shopping adventures.  A good thriftshop/opshop is a great resource for workwear I find.

day three

  1. Sheike lacey shirt worn under – Sourced from a Vinnies opshop/thrift shop a few months ago and never worn because I don’t like being cold and a singlet underneath looked contrived. Until I thought of layering it under this dress. I love the gold button detail at the collar.
  2. Portmans dress – I love that this dress is lined with a thick satin – it really sucks you in. I tend to wear all white more often in colder weather for some reason.
  3. Divine follie slingback kitten heels- Found them at a thrift shop – they are Italian, and have a red lacquer sole (hmm, sneaky!). I felt a bit Audrey Hepburn when I tried them on, then promptly stuck them on my shoe shelf.I am addicted to higher heels however and never lasted a day in these kitten heels. Attempting to do so today.
  4. Colette Hayman gold abstract earrings (link to similar and here) – Is anyone else guilty of buying heaps of costume earrings and then  never wearing them because you love your tiny stud earrings you wear all the time and just can’t be bothered changing? Or is that just me…

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