Like many people who suddenly find themselves in their early thirties, my wardrobe is a hodge-podge of things I keep meaning to wear but never do,  everyday heroes and wishful thinking. Hello floor length gown with thigh split and RED and PINK animal print (with a smattering of black). What was I thinking? Angelina Jolie at a safari ball? No. Liar. Angelina Jolie wouldn’t be caught dead in that print. Admit it. You got sucked in by the (A) thigh split; (B) lighting at the store; (C) Insistent sales assistant with really nice makeup who told you that this would be “SAH versatile” or (D) all of the above.

I was pawing through my wardrobe on Friday night again, desolate. Once again, I had nothing to wear. We were just going out to the general admission at the night horse races (so hats – unnecessary; jeans optional), but I could not find one thing that I liked/fit into properly. Most people will tell you that I dress well. I think I generally do. I can pull of a statement necklace and colour-blocking like a wizard. A wizard of colour and chunky jewelry. What most people don’t see is the rotting carcass that is my wardrobe. Carefully concealed in my office behind glossy white wardrobe doors and drawers. One day geologists will dig through the strata of this wardrobe and see the different incarnations; uni kid, club girl, My-First-Brown-Suit, the smattering of witchery and country road.

There are a lot of blogs out there that attempt to Marie-Kondo their wardrobe, or those who do limited wardrobe mix challenges where you give yourself thirty items (and no more) from which to formulate your outfits. I am giving myself a different challenge. Yes, I am going to attempt to purchase no more, but what I am going to do is try and wear everything in my wardrobe at least once, those hidden relics that I pull out of the wardrobe and then promptly stuff back in.

Day one begins like this;

  1. A “nude” coloured cami from Target. This nude is not my nude. As you can see from the image, I am a lovely chocolate – perhaps a creamy milk chocolate bar basking in the sun. I am not beigey-pink.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Similarly “nude” peplum skirt whose peplum I decided I didn’t really want a bar of. Temt. For my views on this shade of nude, see above.
  3. Actually kinda nice dove grey, see-through, lacey blouse. Also with peplum. This one, I am embracing. Also Temt.
  4. Black waist belt. Yeojin Bae for Target. I have owned since 2008. Many moons have passed. I have worn it five times. Sad. I went to four different Target stores to track this down. Cost-per-effort-per-wear pathetic.
  5. Black Zara heels. Probably the only thing in this outfit that I wear on the regular. Mental note; remember Shoes-I-Don’t-Wear for Day two.

So there you have it. The challenge will be to wear this all day at work without removing any component (I am looking at you, Yeojin Bae Belt). Stay tuned for more no-BS outfit construction on day two.

day one
Day One: A Vision in Not-me-nude




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